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Grammar’s Part When Telling Your Story

Editing your own work can sometimes be quite a challenge. Everyone’s end game is to ensure what you write conveys your message effectively and tells your story. The last thing you want to have is that beautifully-crafted piece discarded due to a grammatical error. To … Read more

white board

Whiteboards in a Mobile Society

The whiteboard was my first social media. My whiteboard hung on the door to my college dorm room. To me, it was also the predecessor to text messaging. The whiteboard, along with the cafeteria and the student lounge, was where I learned of happenings on … Read more


IAQG Membership Newsletter

Communicating with a global audience requires accessibility that works well in the digital world. The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) asked Atlas to develop an electronic newsletter for their global membership. This ongoing newsletter includes images and a short narrative with extended articles found on their website. Atlas manages the entire process from editorial to layout to distribution.

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