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Je m’appelle Alaina = My name is Alaina.

This was my first career choice. I originally wanted to be a French translator (no, not write my name in different languages for fun).  But then, one communications class changed everything. I came to American University as a Foreign Language and Communication Media major with … Read more


Embrace video to tell your story

What has the YouTube generation taught us? My daughters (13 and 10 years old) don’t watch television, they enthusiastically follow YouTubers. More important, the website has taught millions they can find and learn anything from watching a video — I admit, I have used the … Read more

Is Social Media the only Marketing I need?

Facebook has been advertising their Live video streaming platform that states people spend three hours a day on Facebook. With a captive audience such as this, it’s no surprise there is a definite appeal to promote your business on social media and that appeal grows … Read more

Atlas Marketing

Atlas Marketing Moves to New Location

Today, Atlas Marketing has a new place to call home. Retaining a Sewickley address, Atlas is moving its Pittsburgh headquarters one block west from its previous address. The move was prompted by a change in property ownership to its Broad Street location. During the search, … Read more

The Push Toward Mobile First

This past fall the world acknowledged a huge digital milestone. According to StatCounter Global Stats, mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3 percent of Internet usage worldwide as opposed to 48.7 percent for desktops. Even though the U.S. lagged behind those numbers (42 percent mobile/tablet … Read more