May 2014

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
May 27, 2014

Elements of An Effective News Release

Chances are you’ve heard or even uttered the words yourself, ‘We should write a news release about (add the appropriate topic here)’ when your company has some breaking news to share with the world. 

National Waiter and Waitress Day
May 19, 2014

National Waiters and Waitresses Day

When you go to a restaurant or café, you hope not only for fantastic food but a great experience. That great experience, in large part, hinges on the shoulders of the restaurant wait staff. This Wednesday (May 21st) is National Waiters & Waitresses Day and … Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency

May Industry Nuggets

Today, we highlight apps for business, grammar tips on hyphen usage, how to help make a product launch pack a punch and how to put data to good use.

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
May 09, 2014

The Who, What, When, Where & How to Website Statistics

Measurement is a buzzword in marketing, but businesses don’t often take full advantage of the (free) tools available to them. One of my favorites is Google Analytics. If you don’t have an analytics tool attached to your website, I strongly recommend you use one. Google … Read more