June 2014

Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnel
June 30, 2014

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Community Outreach Prepares Western Pennsylvania The Issue The most traveled roadway in western Pennsylvania – the Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnel – was to receive repairs that would close the tunnel and bridge for two subsequent summers.  As most Pittsburghers know, along with those visiting … Read more

Auntie Annes

Auntie Anne’s, Inc. Crisis Response Program

As the public relations manager for the Auntie Anne’s, Inc., Susan Matson spearheaded and directed the creation of the international franchise system’s first crisis management plan. The Issue Foodborne illness, mall shootings, hostage situations, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, polarizing statements made by franchisees any … Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency

Why Target My Story?

For years, the public relations industry has taken an elephant gun approach to telling stories. That may have been a strong strategic method before social media and the Internet changed the way we all communicate but in 2014, it doesn’t produce the best results.

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
June 20, 2014

Chris Martin in the News

In the spring 2014 edition of the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s teQ Magazine, Chris Martin has readers asking the question “Am I ready when a crisis hits?” The article shares his 20 years’ experience in recognizing a crisis, message development and telling the story because it’s not … Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency

Less is More… and Other Advertising Basics

If it’s doing its job, a successful advertising campaign usually looks effortless, but anyone behind the scenes knows it is usually anything but! When developing advertising, here are five tips that will make your brand rise to the top.