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Apps to Use On a Daily Basis

At Atlas Marketing, we utilize specific apps on a daily basis to improve efficiency – the topic of my latest blog entry.


This app is useful from both a personal and business perspective. For business, Evernote offers a variety of useful tools such as text-based notes, reminders and to-do lists that are available across multiple platforms – smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Personally, I use the app for a variety of household uses such as images of my printer ink, an image of my license plate (when traveling, at times, I am asked to share my license plate with hotels) and the filters for our furnace all of which are available to me on my phone and quickly accessible when needed.


When traveling for business, everyone must manage expenses. This free app provides reporting and options for customizing client or company specific expense reports on any device. The highlight of this app is the ability to take images of receipts and incorporate them quickly into reports. A website component of the app allows for even easier access.

iThoughts HD

I use this app when creating presentations, speeches or longer form documents. The free app allows you to build a visual flowchart or mind map ensuring a smooth flow. It’s like an outline on steroids. I’m a visual learner and having the ability to see the content and the supporting information is helpful should I stumble during a presentation.


I receive a lot of emails that contain links to articles. When I find an article that is interesting, I use Pocket to save it for future reading. A multi-device app, Pocket opens saved articles in a well-designed layout that allows you to select the saved article quickly. I have used other similar apps in the past and this is definitely the easiest to use.

These are a few of my favorite apps and I am sure you have your own. Send me an email ( to share your favorite apps that I may have missed.

As for the future of apps, I found this article useful –

Yes, it is in my Pocket app for future reading!