Atlas Marketing

At Atlas Marketing we help people make decisions.  If you work in the construction or manufacturing industries – those companies who build things – we focus on helping your customers hire you or buy your product by telling your story.  It’s that simple.  So, if you’re interested in that, let’s talk.  If you want more detail, read on.


Our job is to make it easy for your customers to decide to work with you.

We simplify the complex.  Since our inception in 2008, the Atlas Marketing efforts focus on telling stories that engage and connect to help your customers make decisions.  Those decisions center around answering one simple question – Do I want to work with this company or buy its product or service?

To aid the decision-making process, the Atlas Marketing team partners with company owners, executives, CMOs and marketing teams to understand the company goals and vision.  We are strong believers in a deliberate and organized marketing strategy that remains flexible to address the ever-changing business world.  Along with strategic thinking comes an innate ability to prepare for and manage challenges.  As your marketing partner, Atlas Marketing understands the implications that come with working in rather complex industries because we have worked in these same industries for years.

Believe in the process.  Over the past several decades, our leaders have refined a marketing process that unites marketing and sales and, has allowed us to drive business growth for our clients. The process centers on strong messaging and tactical executions designed to engage and connect with audiences.  That is the story component.  In conjunction, the sales aspect directs where that story is told because our team understands the greatest story ever told needs an audience.  Taking it one step further, we recognize the importance of balancing the story with solutions that leverage technology, creative and data lead to the greatest success.  We need to help those looking for your business, service or product and more importantly, need to be where they are.  And that requires balance.

Our approach combines a balanced strategy and partnership – very different than most small agencies – to allow us to generate results and successfully produce satisfied clients.

In fact, the results speak for themselves:

Atlas Marketing is nimble. When the COVID pandemic hit, we quickly shifted work with clients to adjust year-long campaigns to focus on how to communicate and collaborate together in this new virtual world.

Atlas Marketing doesn’t overthink an idea. To reach a worldwide membership to showcase the financial strength and success of a global automotive/aerospace association, we developed a web-based, interactive annual report website that consistently generates visits from over 115 countries.

Atlas Marketing provides service beyond traditional marketing. For a global aerospace group, the Atlas Marketing team researched and recommended a cloud-based calendar eliminating corporate firewall and security issues. This ‘beyond the scope’ service ensures that objectives are met, and global operations move forward.

Our experience leads to success, just ask our clients. Put our experience to work for you.