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December 11, 2014

The Difference Between News and Newsworthy – episode 5

In this episode, we talk to MPR Account Director Shannon Webber as she shares four questions we should always ask ourselves when determining if news is newsworthy for members of the media. It’s all about timeliness, proximity, impact and human interest. Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
October 31, 2014

Common Sense in Marketing – episode 4

Sometimes too much content is overkill. In this episode, our Creative Director John Miller shares his thoughts on the “less is more” creative philosophy and how great design begins with understanding your medium, knowing your audience and realizing one size does not fit all. Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
September 17, 2014

Making Yourself the Client – episode 2

They say “doctors make the worst patients” and we think that statement rings true across the board. When running a business, telling your story and really investing in yourself is often pushed aside to attend to the needs of your clients and customers. Read more

Atlas Marketing, marketing agency
September 09, 2014

PR & Storytelling – episode 1

The first installment of the Martin PR Thought Bubble podcasts where Chris Martin and Susan Matson talk about public relations and how it relates to telling your story. Read more