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Turning a Customer Into an Advocate

Recently, I had new windows installed in my house. It was a full installation, so as you can imagine the price tag attached to the project. We needed windows, did the research and the replacements turned out beautiful. While we did have an ordering hiccup, the company addressed the situation and my family is very happy with the results and the company.

Two weeks later, a quality assurance representative called and requested a visit to answer any question and provide us the product warranty paperwork. When company representative arrived, he inquired about our experience. Then, he listened and even showed us a feature of our window we didn’t know we had.

I tell this story because as someone in marketing I look for and commend excellent customer service. Just because the project is done and you think the customer is happy, you don’t really know until you ask them. If you really want to exceed expectations, take a page from this company’s playbook.

  1. Be timely – Make sure the project is fresh in the minds of your customer. In my case, they called two weeks from the date of installation.
  2. Be different – I had never met or interacted with this gentlemen. If possible, always follow-up with someone outside the experience so there is a “neutral” perspective.
  3. Be brief – Let the customer know you have a couple questions for them that should only take a few minutes of time.
  4. Be prepared – Have those questions ready to ask and if applicable make sure the company’s representative knows how to use the product or understands the service in question.
  5. Have a survey ready – While you can email a survey, providing a short one to be completed on the spot will give you a much higher response rate.
  6. Ask for areas to improve – This is key especially if your business relies on online rating sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. In my case, I was very satisfied with their service except there was never a confirmation call preceding the installation. It seems minor except for on the day of the installation it was unseasonably cold and I was juggling work appointments and getting my children ready for school. Knowing exactly when to expect upwards of 10 workers in my home that morning would have been helpful. Did they arrive in the morning and work a full day? Yes, however, I expected a call and probably would have given them 4 out of 5 stars on a rating system because of it.
  7. Listen – This representative was there for us to provide our feedback on his business. He was not there to sell anything. It gave my husband and I the forum to voice our thoughts and our opinions. Remember, we would have never mentioned that confirmation call if it wasn’t for this follow-up meeting.

This customer service exchange was excellent and I applaud the company for seeing the value that it brings. Think about it. When was the last time you made a big purchase for your home or business that you didn’t turn to friends or social media to get an opinion before buying? What probably took about an hour of time, solidified my thoughts for recommending them to anyone I know looking for windows. It changed my perspective from merely liking the product to be an advocate for the company. Thank you, Aspen Home Improvements for reminding me that great service begins and end with listening to your customers.