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AFP advanced food products Brand Guidelines

Ensuring Brand Guidelines

The Issue

AFP advanced food products LLC is the world’s leading private label/co-pack manufacturer of aseptically packaged cheese sauces, puddings, dips, nutritional beverages, and soups. With three manufacturing plants and a global presence, the AFP Marketing Department regularly found employees, vendors and outside entities misusing logos, fonts, colors, and icons when referring to AFP, creating materials on behalf of AFP or representing AFP at events.

The Strategy

Atlas Marketing worked with AFP to identify the elements of the AFP brand and its retail brands: Muy Fresco®, Real Fresh® and encircle®. With consistency being the goal, we created guidelines intended to be very specific, yet clear and simple to follow. Grouped by category, each section covered different topics and included a description, visual examples (if applicable) and where to find additional information should the reader need it.

The Result

A 61-page document divided into eight sections, plus a “Marketing Department Only” appendix showcases clear guidelines and messaging with regards to AFP and its retail brands. The AFP Brand Standards document covers a wide range of topics such as legal guidelines, logo specifications and usage, fonts and typography, colors, corporate templates, editorial verbiage, design, web interactive, video usage, and file management. For the first time in the company’s history, the AFP Marketing Department now has a resource to share with internal employees and various partners to ensure brand consistency. Elements that previously were subject to interpretation, now have documented guidelines and examples for proper and improper use.