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How to Brand, Not Brag

Recently, I was asked how someone can brand one’s self or their company without bragging. To brag, at least according to the dictionary, means to say something in a boastful manner. Also while it may not necessarily be all-true, I typically find people who tend to “brag” also tend to exaggerate.

So say you have something, whether that is a product or service, that you believe people want or need. To let them know you exist and your product or service is perfect for them, you do need to brand yourself and your business by sharing your story. To help you get started, below are seven no-to-low budget ways to do so without bragging.

  1. Be real. Let people get to know you. Let them understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Alway be authentic.
  2. Invest time in telling your story. Starting a blog or posting articles on LinkedIn is a great way to share you story time and time again. What’s the passion or purpose behind your business? Explain how you can help make a potential customer’s job/life better, easier.
  3. Become a thought leader on your given subject. Use the content you created in point two and become a resource for original work. Become active in your targeted circles and comment on blogs and social media posts. Monitor and comment as appropriate on LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Community pages that make sense for your customer base, industry, and/or community.
  4. Follow the influencers in your industry. It’s always good to pay attention to what they are talking about and if possible, interject yourself in their circles.
  5. Realize there is always something bigger than your work. Make sure you still make time for what keeps you passionate. This will help keep you grounded and genuine.
  6. Be active in your business community. Networking is still key to branding yourself. Join your local chamber of commerce, a specific industry association or community group. It’s all about meeting people, helping others and networking.
  7. Last but not least, turn off the computer and phone and actually meet people. Human interaction is a powerful thing. Make a connection and don’t forget to tell your story.

Branding is a never-ending, story-telling process that doesn’t happen over night. You need to share your story often and do so in such a way that is genuine while also being engaging and memorable. People tend to eventually see through fluff; so don’t say it if you can’t back it up.

Need help articulating what you do, how you do it and why it matters? Let us help!