Our Featured Industries

Atlas Marketing partners with organizations in a variety of industries to tell their stories. In addition to these four featured industries, our expertise extends into other areas including retail, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, education, finance and sports.


Our experience in marketing for food companies is as varied as the products and services they offer. We work with international companies to produce strong, strategic marketing that generates results. Read more

Construction is an important sector that contributes to the growth of our economy and Atlas Marketing works with those responsible for building and sustaining the infrastructure of our nation. Our experience includes various campaigns that include recruitment, workforce development, business development outreach, crisis communications and strategy. Check out our latest construction work. Read more

Henry Ford transformed the automotive industry to make production efficient and affordable to the masses. Atlas Marketing works with manufacturers to identify their efficiencies and communicate their value. Read more

Biotechnology uses processes, organisms and/or systems to improve the quality of life and Atlas works with some of the most innovative companies on the planet to tell the story of how they’re making the world a better place. Read more