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Ironworkers Local No. 3 Recruitment

A traditionally quiet industry rebuilds its workforce

The Issue

Ironworkers Local No. 3 faced a declining membership and an ominous increase in large-scale construction projects in the Pittsburgh region. To turn this challenge into a positive for their members, the leadership of Local No. 3 worked to develop an integrated marketing campaign targeting men and women within the region and offering career opportunities such as paid training and a strong pension fund.

The Strategy

The development of an integrated campaign – public relations, billboards, radio and a newly designed website – was the strategy that introduced potential apprentices throughout the region to the Local.

The Results

This unique campaign established Ironworkers Local No. 3 as a leader within the building trades’ community of western Pennsylvania as well as the nation.

Within days of the campaign announcement, the Local offices were flooded with calls from interested applicants – over 1,000 calls were logged when during the same time the previous year Local No. 3 had just 15 applicants. The Local’s website – – received 8,300 unique visits in the first month of the campaign. Results were more than anticipated and left the Local with a database of qualified applicants for future classes.

Most important has been the reorganization of the Local’s apprenticeship program. Prior to the campaign, apprentices met at night for several hours after working on construction jobs during the day. Due to the availability of additional apprentices and the instructors’ schedules, the Local has changed their program to a day-school approach, which allows students to meet for a one-week period once a month. This approach provides the Local more flexibility with scheduling of classes as well as an increase in the number of classes, which leads to more experienced Ironworkers in the field.