Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy at Atlas Marketing entails a wholistic approach that includes a complete understanding of the business model, marketing objectives, and current and future challenges facing an organization.  We gain this understanding through a structured strategy session designed to create a custom marketing communications plan around your business, not just a specific product or service.

Armed with exercises designed to break down the various marketing and business activities, the Atlas Marketing team tailors each strategy session based on specific objectives.  As navigators, we guide your team through the strategy development process.  Together, we consciously break apart the various business functions – how will sales and marketing cooperate; can operations fulfill the delivery promise; are there enough team members to bring success to the company – to arrive at a plan that details value for your customers.

This structured process is designed to unearth more than a marketing plan.  By combining a company’s mission, messaging and business direction with industry and competitive research, we build a relatable story.  Upon the completion of a strategy session, clients receive a session document containing all research, specific messaging, brand values that establish the company value proposition, and a marketing communications plan that details multiple methods for telling your story.

Strategy Clients