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Martin Public Relations Becomes Atlas Marketing

Rebranding for the future


The Issue

For six years, Martin Public Relations successfully told client stories. While public relations was a service offering of ours, it only represented a small percentage of the actual work being done by the team. In 2015 it became obvious that the agency’s name was a hurdle for some potential clients. In addition, the company provided a variety of other marketing services beyond PR so a change was necessary to align the company with client needs, the changing industry, and the current business environment.


The Strategy

At the core, Martin Public Relations was always focused on developing targeted messaging and original creative to tell stories. The changes in the industry and technology presented a perfect time for the agency to rebrand and reposition itself. Out of this rebranding, Atlas Marketing was born. We conducted the same exercises and followed the same process that our clients complete and determined that our new brand would be built on three key initiatives — listen, engage and connect — to tell stories. Not only does this direction expand our services, it provides broader opportunities to tell great stories for our clients. In addition to a new name and visual identity, a new website, research functions, a variety of digital services and analytical tools were added to guide strategy, messaging and creative.


The Result

Within 90 days of launching Atlas, the company witnessed positive results. Four new clients were added as a result of our new service offerings and brand awareness exploded with a 75 percent increase in website visits.  Atlas was also given the distinction of being named one of the ‘Coolest Offices in Pittsburgh’ by the Pittsburgh Business Times.  Additionally, Chris Martin will be featured as a speaker at an upcoming Pittsburgh Technology Council forum and will speak at Duquesne University.