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Atlas Talks Social Media with Pittsburgh Business Times

PR/Ad Execs share thoughts on Marketing, Social Media

Pittsburgh Business Times
Ethan Lott
August 22, 2014

Below is an excerpt from Lott’s conversation with Chris Martin.

Excepting your own firm’s campaigns, what is your favorite advertising/ branding campaign in the last 12 months?  Share a Coke. The integration of social and retail is an interesting trend to watch.

What have been your greatest challenges in integrating social media marketing into your existing specialties?  Educating clients that social media is not the only method of telling a story. It is growing in support, but cannot be the sole distribution source for a good story.

How has the use of social media as a communication tool impacted your business?  It has been a positive for us in that our strategy (for each client) includes a variety of tools to help tell the story.

What is the best/most noteworthy way your firm has used social media in the past 12 months?  We have expanded our social media presence through a blog and podcasts.

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