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MOST National Award

National Award Promotes Commitment

The Issue

How do you encourage and promote participation in the national MOST program to Boilermaker business managers? Create a national award that honors the legacy of the President Emeritus, while shining the spotlight on the local leaders who encourage and support the ongoing safety training MOST provides.

The Strategy

Charles W. Jones AwardNamed after longtime union construction advocate and International Brotherhood of Boilermaker President Emeritus Charles W. Jones, the Charles W. Jones Award honors those local lodges that achieve a specific level of participation in MOST. More importantly, this award honors the commitment that each Boilermaker makes since the training is unpaid and on their personal time – one of many aspects of the Boilermakers that is unheard of in any industry.

Atlas Marketing not only developed the award, we worked with several Boilermaker leaders to establish the winning criteria. In an ongoing support role, Atlas provides public relations outreach ensuring that the Boilermaker’s story is told locally and nationally.

The Results

The inaugural award was presented to Local 154, Pittsburgh, PA to recognize that local’s commitment to safety and providing a drug-free workforce. The second award went to Local 83, Toledo, OH and the third, to Local 433, Tampa, FL. Each lodge earned local media and industry coverage in support of the story. In the future, more outreach is planned along with expanding the award presentation during the annual National Tripartite Alliance conference.