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National Make Up Your Mind Day

For most of us, when we hear the date “December 31”, the immediate response is “Happy New Year!” However, it is also National Make Up Your Mind Day, which encourages everyone to make a decision and stick with it. Whether it’s your new year’s resolution or your decision to hire a marketing agency (email me – I know a good one), indecisiveness should take a back seat to clarity and direction.

Wondering why December 31 is the date of this national holiday? Unfortunately, so are we! Our research came up short, but we have our theories. The day is symbolic of a refreshing start – a “new year, new you” thing. Closing one chapter and opening another can be seen personally in the form of a new year’s resolution or professionally with the start a new fiscal year. Whatever the reason, making up your mind makes life less complicated, and we all need that.

Make up your mind, act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done in this world by hesitation. ~ Thomas Huxely