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Our story …

100% of Atlas clients are extremely satisfied with our work and service.*

Got your attention? I know what you’re thinking, a cheap ploy for attention, right? But no, it is fact – direct from the mouths (or keyboards) of our clients.

So, what does that have to do with our new blog?  Nothing, I just wanted to brag.

It actually has a lot to do with the blog.  My intent is to never have to change the lead stat and this blog will be our benchmark to continue providing excellent work and service.

Within these pages, you will delve into the minds of our team, understand how we think, what drives us and, hopefully, learn a few things in the process. Our goal is to make this blog a resource for you and others so our story (and yours) is better understood.

The driving force of this blog is content that means something. When telling our story, we feel it is important to share our experiences in a way that is useful to readers. That said, we won’t be posting something just for the sake of posting it. We promise to post items that are relevant and help move the bottom line because, in the end, that is how we make our clients extremely satisfied.

Seems simple, doesn’t it? It should. We’re firmly rooted in the KISS principle, but more on that in a future blog post.

While on these pages and our site, please ask questions, leave comments and share your thoughts on what is written.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to hear more of our story.

Thanks for taking the time to read our posts and let me know if you have a story to tell.

*Based on the 2013 Atlas Client Survey.