Product Launch

Companies rely on new product launches to boost revenue and drive innovation.  Unfortunately, 80% of new product launches fail for various reasons including lack of research, improperly educating the consumer or a short-term view of the product development cycle.  Based on our experience, our team at Atlas Marketing focuses on creating strategic programs to reach and educate your audience.  Educating the potential customers on the value of the product – how it will help them in their daily work/personal lives – is the foundation of a successful product product launch program.

We always focus on connecting with your customer via the right messaging and story.  Messaging serves as the connection point while stories allow your customers to relate to the product.  Whether your market is local or global, our method results in a strategic product launch plan that engages customers.

The experienced product marketing team at Atlas Marketing will expertly implement and manage your product launch so you and your team can focus on manufacturing, selling or innovating.  In fact, you can read one of our previous posts about how product launches can pack a punch.

To learn more of our product launch experience and process, schedule a meeting with Chris Martin, our president, or email him directly.

Below are clients with whom we have worked with on product launch campaigns.  Click on the logo to see more.


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