Public Relations

Public relations drives a strong understanding of a brand, product or service.  The specific skills required for this marketing service helps customers appreciate the background and important aspects of a product or service beyond the capabilities of advertising.  We call those stories.  Stories for complex industries help companies grow, gain market share and enter new markets quickly and effectively.  Knowing who to speak with, how to tell the story, and when to pitch the idea is vital to success.

Atlas Marketing has developed relationships with members of the trade and general media for decades.  Understanding the needs of journalists and reporters around the world allows the Atlas Marketing team to provide public relations, crisis communications and media training for clients in the aerospace, automotive, biotech, construction, food manufacturing, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Our approach centers on preparation and message creation – when we establish solid messaging, we are confident responses to a story will result in direct action.  Direct action leads to improved engagement, sales and awareness.  Read our post on elements of an effective news release and see how we apply direct action.

Based on our marketing strategy process, the Atlas Marketing team listens to gain an understanding of your business.  This step proves critical to the success of the campaign because a public relations outreach effort impacts every facet of your company.

Through our work with CMOs, marketing directors and communications managers, we find simple and straightforward messaging produce the best results.  These messages are delivered through a variety of vehicles such as blogs, articles for trade or consumer publications, videos and television or radio interviews.  Our team searches for appropriate vehicles to tell your story relevant to your industry.

The Atlas PR advantage lies in our ability to curate your message and then determine the best methods for distributing your story.  Through our StorySend news release distribution platform, we reach reporters and editors around the globe in a strategic and targeted manner.  It is a simple approach that generates results. Call today to learn more.

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