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The Who, What, When, Where & How to Website Statistics

Google Analytics LogoMeasurement is a buzzword in marketing, but businesses don’t often take full advantage of the (free) tools available to them. One of my favorites is Google Analytics. If you don’t have an analytics tool attached to your website, I strongly recommend you use one. Google Analytics can be simple to apply and offers a wealth of information. That said, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the data points, so here is a short list of statistics you should monitor to help determine your website performance.

  1. Who – Monitor your site’s traffic. Look at how often people are coming, how much time they spend on your site, and how many pages they visit during their session.
  2. What – Monitor what content visitors are looking at. Top content pages and top landing pages, can illustrate what information is triggering visitors to learn more about your company, products and/or services.
  3. When – Monitor when people visit your site. You will begin to see patterns based on customer activity, and you will notice if outside activity (e.g.: advertising, social media, email marketing, etc.) is affecting your website traffic.
  4. Where – Google Analytics has the ability to segment by country, state, city, etc. If you know where your current customers reside, you can monitor how well website visitors coincide with your active customer base. Website activity may also help validate or identify emerging markets for new customers.
  5. How – Monitoring how someone arrives to your website will help you understand what digital and/or traditional communication methods are working. Are visitors finding your site through a search engine, a referral source, or are they typing your web address directly into their browsers? Are they using a desktop, a tablet or their smartphone? How visitors get to your site, using which device, will help you understand how your marketing dollars are working and where it might make sense to increase or decrease focus.

Every business is different and every website has unique features. Regardless, regularly monitoring your site’s activity is critical to delivering value to your overall objective.

Email me, if you’d like a more in-depth review of your analytics.