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Can I use a photo taken with my phone on the cover of my next printed brochure?

Clients often ask if we are able to use photos taken on mobile phones for print brochures, folders and more. While there are rare occasions these pictures will work, Atlas recommends you invest in a professional photographer. Printed, corporate materials, such as brochures or folders, are presentation pieces that … Read more


August 03, 2018

When the client picks your least favorite design

Clients pay the bills — shouldn’t they get what they want? Yes! Clients should receive appropriate deliverables tied to the objectives identified at the project start. However, it is the designer’s job to offer design solutions and guide the visual communication. Designers typically suggest multiple approaches … Read more

July 19, 2018

How to increase your site traffic, the old-fashioned way

You just launched a beautiful new website. Everything is optimized, and metadata is in place. So now what? Just because it’s built, does not necessarily mean people will flock to it. There are all sorts of SEO tips you can do if you are tech … Read more

June 20, 2018

Grammar’s Part When Telling Your Story

Editing your own work can sometimes be quite a challenge. Everyone’s end game is to ensure what you write conveys your message effectively and tells your story. The last thing you want to have is that beautifully-crafted piece discarded due to a grammatical error. To … Read more

white board
May 31, 2018

Whiteboards in a Mobile Society

The whiteboard was my first social media. My whiteboard hung on the door to my college dorm room. To me, it was also the predecessor to text messaging. The whiteboard, along with the cafeteria and the student lounge, was where I learned of happenings on … Read more

April 23, 2018

Creatively Conquering Content: How Visuals Can Win New Business

A driving force in business today is the creation of an attention-grabbing proposal or presentation. However, while it sounds like a simple solution, it’s no small thing. When a Request for Proposal (RFP) comes in the door, companies must invest time and money to prepare, … Read more