Who we are

Atlas Marketing is a marketing communications agency with big experience. We tell stories for companies that build things.

Atlas Marketing was built intentionally – to showcase our experience and work with clients who have extremely complex stories to tell.  Many CMO’s and marketing communications directors we work with say they prefer engaging with a smaller, more responsive agency.

Another advantage of Atlas Marketing is that our senior level people remain on your project from onboarding to completion – bringing consistency and expertise to the project. We apply our experience and working knowledge of multiple industries to the recommendations and strategies that generate results. That is our edge.


At Atlas Marketing, we understand time is valuable and hold meetings based on need, not just to have them. We realize strategy is everything, but also know being agile is critical. We are as transparent as possible when it comes to fees, so we focus on fee-based projects versus complex billable structures. Our agency approach of measured execution allows us to generate results and has produced satisfied clients.

A small agency is nimble. When the economic downturn hit, we quickly re-focused a 5-state television, radio and print advertising campaign for a labor union that resulted in twelve new signatory contractors.  These contractors quickly put union members to work during the Great Recession.

A small agency doesn’t overthink an idea.  To reach a worldwide membership to showcase the financial strength and success of a global automotive/aerospace association, we developed a web-based, annual report website that generates visits from over 115 countries.

A small agency provides service beyond marketing.  For a global aerospace group, the Atlas team researched and recommended a cloud-based calendar eliminating corporate firewall and security issues.  This ‘beyond the scope’ service ensures that objectives are met, and global operations move forward.

Our experience leads to success.  Put our experience to work for you.

Click here to read what our clients say about us.  Click on the images below to read several of our case studies.

When introducing a national program for Goodwill, you create an exciting, powerful video to encourage over 3,200 retail outlets and nearly 315,000 employees.

To honor the Boilermaker locals who continually train year round, Atlas Marketing created a nationally recognized industry award