Construction marketing that builds businesses

Construction marketing requires industry experience.  Atlas Marketing has that experience.  For example, our team knows the difference between a steel column and a beam.  This knowledge goes a long way when talking with contractors and architects.  So does understanding the need for rebar in foundational work and when is the best time to pour concrete.  Those who work in the industry expect people to understand their language.  We do.

The Atlas Marketing team works with architects, contractors, engineers, developers, labor groups, and trade associations to tell their stories.  Telling these stories requires a simplification of complex items that balance the industry expectation, yet compel customers and others to stay focused on the amazing accomplishments that so many take for granted.

Why safe, on time, and under budget is the wrong message

The main focus of our construction marketing approach is to help the construction industry break away from traditional construction marketing.  That is, every contractor, architect, developer, and labor group all say the same thing – we are safe, on time, and under budget.  These messages are strong and in no way are any of them unimportant, however, if every company within an industry uses the same tagline, how can customers understand the difference between companies?

It is easy – they focus on price.  Focusing on price creates less focus on skill, expertise, and value.

Expertise in action

Working in the construction marketing field also requires knowledge that goes beyond just agreeing this is a very exciting industry.  Atlas Marketing asks detailed questions that go beyond marketing communications.  We’ve been on more job sites than we can count and apply the knowledge gained to every construction marketing project.  This experience leads to finding success for many clients, such as:

  • Pitching stories of construction workers climbing 40-foot steel columns for fun to media across the country
  • Increasing social media engagement 20% for a general contractor
  • Using the cover of Sports Illustrated to generate over $150 million in manhours
  • Launching and promoting a national safety training award
  • Unifying advertising and PR to garner over 1,000 applicants

You can listen to our expertise.

As co-host of the Building PA Podcast, Chris Martin brings timely and valuable information to the Pennsylvania construction industry.  The podcast serves as the voice of the industry and includes leaders and experts throughout the industry.

Atlas Marketing works with general contractors, architects, engineers, developers, labor groups, and trade associations to develop a marketing strategy that showcases the value provided.  By telling stories that highlight the individual value proposition, Atlas Marketing builds success for our clients.  That is the true value of experience combined with storytelling.

Tell future customers about your skill, expertise and value

Industry participation

Atlas Marketing participates in various national and regional industry associations.

Our work in action

The Mississippi-based general contractor engaged with Atlas to empower their social media to reach new audiences and tell their story. The Atlas team also re-energized their website to focus on their expertise and improve access for their customers.

    Thrash Commercial Contractors

    In conjunction with the Keystone Contractors Association, Atlas Marketing produces and serves as co-host of the Building PA Podcast. Services include digital advertising, emails, social media and website design and development.

      Building PA Podcast
      Websites are the foundation of any marketing campaign.

      Website design and development was the task at hand for this Pittsburgh-based general contractor. In addition to design and development, the Atlas team created content to support the new look website and help tell the Caliber story.

        Caliber Contracting Services
        Haller Enterprises logo

        After developing an industry first, video-based solution for customers, Haller Enterprises, a regional HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical contractor turned to Atlas to drive awareness through a regional PR effort.

          Haller Enterprises

          Atlas held a strategy session for WPES, establishing a communications plan for the oil and natural gas pipeline contractor and heavy hauler. The plan focused on communications, social media, messaging, email outreach and lead generation.

            West Penn Energy Services

            Atlas has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Ironworkers and is currently managing a regional marketing campaign that includes social media, PR, webinar production, digital advertising and CRM management.


              A leader in boiler repair services, APM engaged with Atlas to develop an internal communications strategy to align with their team. The FLEET Strategy reduced safety related issues while delivering a communications channel between headquarters and its regional sites.


                The national safety and training arm of the Boilermakers labor union relied on Atlas Marketing to provide strategic planning, research, messaging, email outreach, advertising, website design, PR, event management and communications.


                  Atlas provided website design and development services along with content writing for a statewide industry website.


                    Established a marketing strategy that included management and implementation of social media, website, PR, and advertising for the road construction and asphalt manufacturer.

                      Keystone Contractors Association works with Atlas on digital marketing

                      KCA is a statewide construction industry association who turned to Atlas to redevelop a website addressing specific industry legislation, launch a statewide industry podcast, and produce a statewide industry magazine.

                        Keystone Contractors Association

                        Consulting with the general contractor’s marketing director, Atlas refocused their marketing strategy and refined their marketing message for both internal and external audiences.

                          PJ Dick

                          One of the country’s largest union labor organizations engaged with Atlas to develop their overall marketing strategy and social media messaging.

                            United Steelworkers