Award winning website design, development and hosting

Website design and development should be considered your foundation.  The site, when designed properly, serves as the repository of content and information related to your company.  Atlas Marketing makes this the number one priority when designing sites.  Sure, you want your site to be pretty, engaging, and reflective of your company, but it also needs to be functional.  The Atlas Marketing team balances these needs to create functional websites that engage and connect with your customers allowing them to decide to work/hire/buy from you.

To help your customers make that decision, Atlas Marketing provides:

  • Site design and development
  • Content creation
  • Site monitoring and maintenance
  • Hosting

Assisting customers to make decisions is what marketing is responsible for.  Your website should do the same.  This requires a partner who understands your customer and industry.  When it comes to construction marketing and manufacturing marketing there is no other agency with as much experience and industry knowledge as Atlas Marketing.  This translates into websites that tell the story in a way that is engaging and connective.

Website design and development clients

Websites are the foundation of any marketing campaign.

KMA Associates, a manufacturer's rep for multiple top commercial furniture brands turned to Atlas Marketing to redesign and develop their new website. The site includes an inspiration section that helps designers and architects incorporate the KMA brands.

    KMA Associates
    marketing communications, website, social media, public relations, Atlas Marketing, media training, crisis communications

    Atlas Marketing works with the IAQG to manage and design the global organization's website. This site, a WebAward winner, serves as the central repository for communications and the backbone for the group's global collaboration system.


      Atlas Marketing designed, developed, and wrote the website for MOST, the national training fund for the International Boilermakers. A result of the new site as a Web Marketing Association WebAward.

        marketing communications, website, Hanco, social media

        Hanco, Inc., a leader in gearbox repair for the manufacturing industry has partnered with Atlas Marketing to develop a website, strengthen social media, and launch a digital marketing campaign focused on lead generation.

          Hanco, Inc.

          In conjunction with the Keystone Contractors Association, Atlas Marketing produces and serves as co-host of the Building PA Podcast. Services include digital advertising, emails, social media and website design and development.

            Building PA Podcast
            Websites are the foundation of any marketing campaign.

            Website design and development was the task at hand for this Pittsburgh-based general contractor. In addition to design and development, the Atlas team created content to support the new look website and help tell the Caliber story.

              Caliber Contracting Services