Our Team

Atlas Marketing team members have worked for international corporations, agencies, non-profits and educational institutions. With expertise spanning over three decades, we have successfully serviced a variety of clients from startups to Fortune 100 entities.

Atlas Marketing was built intentionally by relying on our experience and working with clients who have extremely complex stories to tell. Many CMO’s and marketing communications directors we work with say they prefer engaging with a smaller, more responsive agency.

A value that Atlas Marketing provides is that our senior level people remain on your project from onboarding to completion – bringing consistency and expertise to the project. We apply our experience and working knowledge from multiple industries to the recommendations and strategies.  This approach generates results.  That is our edge.

Chris Martin


As founder and president of Atlas Marketing, a specialty agency that tells stories for companies who build things, Chris is responsible for setting its path. His vision guides the agency from talent acquisition to services and client strategy.

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Susan Matson

Vice President

My most memorable project came while working for Auntie Anne’s Inc. and how our team ‘owned’ National Pretzel Day. We earned TV, radio and newsprint coverage in creating the largest one-day media event in the company. I apply that experience to every project.

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Denise Dolgos

Creative Director

I enjoy projects that allow me to experience new things. I tend to do my best when bouncing ideas off others on the team. Our collaboration brings solid and effective strategies to our clients.

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Beth Henry

Social Media Manager

From managing the social media for a Health and Wellness client, I’ve learned that thoughtfulness on social media goes a long way! Also, telling the stories of this online community inspires me daily to achieve more.

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Greg Fontaine
Greg Fontaine

Digital Director

Greg has been working with internet and online platforms for over twenty-five years. With experience that began with multi-line BBS’s and internet gateways through the rise of the online service and the World Wide Web. He has been a constant participant in the evolution of the internet as we know it.

    Scott Ashman
    Scott Ashman

    Software and App Development Director

    Scott has been developing and integrating internet platforms and server software for over two decades. Scott specializes in platform customization and optimization, hosting migration and fail-over as well as programmatic optimization and integration that have provided solutions for large marketing and advertising agencies.

      Emily Cooney

      Account Coordinator

      During my intern year at Atlas, I really got to find out the specific career path I wanted to follow. I found am very passionate about design and helping companies grow their brands to reach their audiences.

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