Our leadership team

The Atlas Marketing leadership team has worked for international corporations, agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions. With expertise spanning over three decades, we have successfully serviced a variety of clients from startups to Fortune 100 entities.

Atlas Marketing was built intentionally by relying on our experience and working with clients who have extremely complex stories to tell. Many CMO’s and marketing communications directors we work with say they prefer engaging with a smaller, more responsive agency.

A value that Atlas Marketing provides is that our senior-level leaders remain on your project from onboarding to completion – bringing consistency and expertise to the project. We apply our experience and working knowledge from multiple industries to the recommendations and strategies.  This approach generates results. That is our edge.

Our Partners

Collaboration among partners of various skillsets and resources working together generates the best results. Atlas Marketing has built relationships with the companies below to provide clients with superior service and outcomes. We are proud to work with these companies not only because they are really good at what they do, but we share similar values and apply those to every project or campaign we complete.

Jaspin Interactive partners with Atlas Marketing for website and software development

Atlas Marketing partners with Jaspin Interactive for website development, hosting, app development, and software management. Both companies have similar values related to the digital world — over communicate, simplify solutions, and collaborate to generate results.

The Atlas/Jaspin team is ready to work to tell your digital story.

Post Script Productions partners with Atlas Marketing for video production

Video content is one of the most valuable storytelling tools and Atlas Marketing incorporates the production into our campaigns with our partner, Post Script Productions. Our relationship is based on creative collaboration that includes pre-production, production, and post-production.

Let’s bring your story to life.