Social Media

Social media has become the vehicle for engaging with customers, recruits and partners.  Atlas Marketing can manage your social media either independently or as part of your overall marketing campaign.

Social media offers a collection of outlets to tell your story.  Atlas Marketing conducts research, ties in keywords, builds the story, coordinates visuals and captures video specific to the platforms to tell your story.  The Atlas team then applies our industry experience to engage with and build communities via various social media platforms.  Lastly, we utilize a measurement process that monitors the story throughout the campaign and leads to success.

As your social media partner, Atlas Marketing determines the most advantageous platforms for your company.  The Atlas Marketing team provides all levels of social media management from consulting, post-development and scheduling, to managing the entire social process.  The outcome is to work as a team and support you in your overall marketing needs.

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marketing communications
marketing communications, website, social media, public relations, Atlas Marketing, media training, crisis communications