Social media that connects

Social media has become the vehicle for engaging with customers, recruits, clients, and partners.  In fact, social use has increased more than 30 percent over the past five years.  Brands utilize the multitude of platforms to tell their story and engage in conversations that are more personal and specific.  Atlas Marketing manages social campaigns either independently or as part of your overall marketing efforts.


As an effective way to grow your business’ brand awareness, increase the number of new customers and drive website traffic social media offers so many opportunities to tell your story.  But it begins with a focused social media plan.



Brand awareness

Growing your followers on connected networks help you increase word of mouth and referrals. Our social media marketing team will work to increase your followers with relevant people.  To grow your network, the Atlas team ensures that your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.

Atlas Marketing conducts research, ties in keywords, builds the story, coordinates visuals, and captures video specific to the platforms to tell your story.  The Atlas team then applies our industry experience to engage with and build communities via various social media platforms.  Lastly, we utilize a measurement process that monitors the story throughout the campaign and leads to success.

New customers

When you build a strong connection with your customers through a story, they are more likely to buy from you.  They understand the true value of your product or service because it is relatable.  Social networks build that value in more ways than just advertising can alone.  Social helps tell your story in broader, more customer-specific ways.

Our approach at Atlas Marketing focuses heavily on helping customers make decisions.  Through social platforms, those decisions are shared and ‘networked’ quickly via links, likes, or comments.

Drive website traffic

Increasing website traffic drives leads and sales.  Through our digital marketing automation platform, the Atlas team tracks all website traffic from various sources such as social media posts, visuals, graphics,  and videos.  Website visitors are given a score based on responses to an established webpage or visual criteria.  The scoring system is useful in prioritizing your sales efforts.

With an increase in website traffic, our team reinforces the story with additional support such as social media advertising and/or retargeting ads to stay in front of new customers.

As your marketing partner, Atlas Marketing determines the most advantageous platforms for your company.  The Atlas Marketing team provides all levels of social media management from consulting, post-development and scheduling, to managing the entire social process.  The outcome is to work as a team and support you in your overall marketing needs.

Social clients

One of the nation's leading medical gas suppliers, Medpipe has engaged with Atlas Marketing to bolster their social media messaging and strategy.

    Social media is ever-changing and the Atlas Marketing team takes pride in remaining current while providing focused strategies.

    Safety4Data, a data security platform created by the Prague-based IT-CNS, Inc. engaged with Atlas Marketing to establish the US-based messaging, digital marketing, and social media efforts.

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      IAQG is the international quality standards group for the aerospace industry. Atlas Marketing helps define its marketing strategy and includes communications, advertising, social media, website design, and a global collaboration platform.


        After facilitating a strategy session for WPES, the Atlas Marketing team developed a marketing strategy that focuses on communications, social media, advertising, and digital lead generation.

          West Penn Energy Services

          The Mississippi-based general contractor engaged with Atlas to empower their social media to reach new audiences and tell their story. The Atlas team also re-energized their website to focus on their expertise and improve access for their customers.

            Thrash Commercial Contractors

            In conjunction with the Keystone Contractors Association, Atlas Marketing produces and serves as co-host of the Building PA Podcast. Services include digital advertising, emails, social media and website design and development.

              Building PA Podcast