Construction Marketing Expertise Shared by Martin with the Construction Industry

Construction marketing is vital to the success of the industry as well as individual businesses because it establishes a direction that takes construction from being a commodity, or price based business, to one of providing value.

To help contractors realize the goal of showcasing their value as a partner rather than an expense on a balance sheet, our own Chris Martin worked with the AGC of America to present a webinar that details the value marketing communications provides.

In today’s construction market, contractors must rely on branding their business beyond a bid price, particularly in the more lucrative private client category. Embracing construction marketing as an investment has the potential to develop new technologies, expand a business and deliver growth. Telling a unique story is vital for contractors to grow the industry and their businesses beyond a commodity. This webinar provides audience members insight into how marketing executions like website design and development, social media, advertising and more bring value. Additionally, the webinar will challenge you to consider marketing and communications tactics as a method of growing your business on multiple levels beyond the bid.

In addition to this webinar, Chris also presented at the 2019 AGC Convention in Denver, CO.  His presentation centered on the storytelling method and how it has successfully driven consumer-based marketing campaigns for decades.

By using the art of telling a story companies connect and engage with their customers with resounding success.  For Contractors to improve their construction marketing, the challenge is to break free of the traditional construction marketing mindset of safe, on-time and on-budget messaging and showcase the impact the industry provides.  While being safe, on-time and on-budget are very important messages, they are commonplace among the industry and no longer true points of differentiation.  Storytelling leads to a more positive industry image and the potential to engage a new generation of workers reviving much needed workforce development.