Does Social Media Makes Sense for My Business?

While it’s never too late to get in the social media game, the million-dollar question is: Does it make sense for your brand?

Statistics don’t lie:

  • Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users
  • 92% of small businesses say social media efforts are an effective marketing tool (e-Strategy Trends)
  • 75% of marketers plan to increase efforts on social media (eMarketer)

To be or not to be.

So my quick answer is yes, but why? Here are six reasons.

  1. Sheer volume of people. Social media has passed the early adapter phase and has entered into the mainstream.
  2. Competition. Do a little research and you will probably find your competition on at least one platform.
  3. Customer service. More often, people are turning to social media rather than the phone, to voice a customer service issue.
  4. 24/7. In today’s world of instant access, social media is quickly becoming the place where people turn to find out about news or inquire about products or services.
  5. Research. Prospective employees, existing clients and prospective customers will equally review your website and your social media presence.
  6. Personality. You can communicate more frequently, speak directly to audiences in a more conversational/intimate way with social media then what you can on a corporate website.

That said, there is one caveat to this present question. Before your business makes its splash in the social media sphere, confirm you have the resources and infrastructure in place to support it. Remember, a key ingredient to any brand’s success on social media is the ability to consistently interact or share information with its community.

The world of social media is ever evolving and new platforms (like SnapChat) seem to launch on a daily basis. Be aware of your resources and remember to focus. It’s more effective to limit your presence to one outlet or a select group of outlets instead of spreading yourself and your team thin by engaging them all.

If you have more questions, contact us or review our social media services page.