The Marketing Mix Balancing Act

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Take a look at your email. How many messages did you receive today, this week, this month? If you’re like me, you have a least one personal email account and one professional email account. Between the two, I would suspect you average over 100 emails a day. It’s both overwhelming and noisy, and from a marketer’s perspective difficult to find ways to cut the clutter. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for even the most important messages to get lost in the shuffle.

With such a vast amount of noise hitting our inboxes each day, telling your story across multiple channels is critical to reaching your target audience. Whether it’s print communications, social media, website, advertising, blogging, etc., creating a variety of engagement touch points will only reinforce your story is being heard.

So what are the ingredients for a balanced, effective marketing mix?

Strategy – Before you start producing content, understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Create the plan, then work the plan.

Online Tactics – While you can begin with email marketing, make sure you include your social media platforms, websites, landing pages, banner advertising and blogging. Identify the strength of each tactic and make it work for you.

Offline Tactics – Extend your story offline by engaging with customers through direct mail, print advertising, newsletters, brochures or other traditional sales and promotional pieces. The key is message consistency and providing a variety of ways to share your story with your customers (and potential customers).

Data – Your database and work experience is packed with valuable information. Create targeted mailings or personalized communications that address a customer’s pain points, interests, buying history, or purchasing preferences. These messages should showcase how your business can bring value.

ROI – As with everything you do, identify how you’re going to determine success. What is the expected return on investment and how will you measure it? ROI is a critical yet, often overlooked segment of the marketing mix.

Listening – Make sure whatever your program looks like, it begins and ends with your customers. Customers are your lifeline and sometimes the goal of acquiring new customers takes precedence over maintaining and strengthening relationships with existing ones. Remember, it costs less to keep current customers than to acquire new ones.

In today’s world of message overload, communicating with your audiences is really about connecting with them in the various methods they want to speak to and providing information that resonates with them. Need help finding your balance? Shoot us an email.