Adventures in Public Relations: Consider This

Any seasoned communicator knows that public relations can be an integral part of a planned event, social media campaign, or communication effort, and companies outside the industry are starting to realize that as well. While this is great for us PR pros, those who don’t live it every day may nay not be sure what to expect or how it all works. They know that PR can improve their reputations and help them gain visibility, but don’t realize the effort and coordination that goes into successful PR efforts. That’s where collaboration with an agency partner comes in.

As agency professionals with diverse backgrounds, our work with clients in a variety of industries allows us to better adapt communications to provide meaning to their audiences and more importantly, to simplify public relations to make their jobs easier. Before diving headfirst into a PR push, it’s important to have some basic knowledge about what will be involved. Here are a few things to consider when embarking on a PR adventure.

  1. Two-Way Communication is Key – Although communication is essential in any collaboration, it is especially important for companies that may not have the strongest understanding of PR. For PR tactics to be successful, agencies must have healthy relationships with their clients and understand said clients’ communication goals. This type of effort is fast-paced and timing is everything, making constant communication necessary. A good agency partner teaches you the best way to communicate while looking to you for information that helps craft custom messages about your company. Total win-win!
  2. Keep An Open Mind – As mentioned before, public relations moves at a rapid pace. When sending news releases and information to the media, there is no telling how quickly they will respond or if they will respond at all. In some scenarios, an awesome PR opportunity such as an interview or appearance could come your way, and even if it is something a brand may not have experienced before, remember to be flexible and use the opportunity to gain maximum brand exposure. You never know which opportunity will be the one to bring your company’s product or service to the forefront.
  3. Speak Up – Agencies are there to help and that means listening to you. Though marketing professionals may have more knowledge about the PR world, it is important that your company communicate its opinion throughout the process. The ultimate goal is to gain visibility for the brand, and you always have a say in how that is done. If you have an idea or suggestion about any campaign, project, or plan, don’t be afraid to make the agency aware of this; who knows, it could make for great PR!
  4. Patience Is A Virtue – Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed in the PR world. Even if you have an awesome story that seems especially newsworthy, there is a chance that the media won’t bite. Sending information or releases to a myriad of reporters and publications does not mean immediate coverage. These things take time, which is what you must keep in mind when embarking on a PR adventure. Rest assured, your agency is just as eager for results as you are!
PR - The power of public relations

PR can make magic happen for brands that understand and use it correctly. If you want to harness the power of PR for your brand, keep these thoughts in mind and give us a call.