Construction Marketing

Construction marketing requires industry experience.  Knowing the difference between a steel column and a beam goes a long way when talking with contractors and architects.  So does understanding the need for rebar in foundational work and when is the best time to pour concrete.  Those who work in the industry expect people to understand their language.  We do.

The Atlas Marketing team works with architects, contractors, engineers, developers, labor groups and trade associations to tell their stories.  We’ve been on more job sites than we can count and apply the knowledge gained to every construction marketing project.  This experience leads to finding success for many partners, such as:

  • Pitching stories of construction workers climbing 40-foot steel columns for fun to media across the country
  • Increasing social media engagement 20% for a general contractor
  • Using the cover of Sports Illustrated to generate over $150 million in manhours
  • Launching and promoting a national safety training award
  • Unifying advertising and PR to garner over 1,000 applicants

Construction Marketing clients